Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Done Canning

My OCD (Obsessive Canning Disorder) is cured.  I'm done.  I looked at the last Tupperware of frozen berries and thought I could can it....or chuck them in a smoothie or make some homemade icecream out of it.  I chose the later.  Putting the remaining jars and all the canning paraphernalia away until next year and doing some serious deep cleaning in this kitchen.  I can't remember when I cooked a decent meal last (that wasn't on the BBQ).  The other night I used the Asian Plum Sauce with the Lean Cuisine Thai Egg Rolls for dinner.  Very Classy :)  Almost makes you forget it's out of a box....not :)  Now I just need to brace myself for another OCD...Obsessive Christmas Disorder.  I'm already getting subtle hints of who wants what knitted or quilted.  I'm on it :) 

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