Monday, September 14, 2015

Blackberry Liqueur Syrup

Two batch day.....Getting happy that I'm almost done for the season.  My kitchen floor is destroyed.  I'm literally sticking to the floor in front of the stove.  So the second batch for today was this Blackberry Liqeur Syrup.  The recipe is in the big Ball canning book but I also found it at this link too for you:

I read that it's good as a topper on lemon sherbert or it's what fancy nouveau cuisine restaurants swirl on the plate before they plop a two inch piece of cake on top of it :) Those places always make me wonder did something fall off my plate on the way out from the kitchen. :)  It's very pretty but really I couldn't eat another half inch :) 

One more batch of mixed berry something to make and then I'm done...I'll sit down and wait...I have a floor to unstick.  

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