Saturday, September 12, 2015

Another Fall pair of socks

Fall is here.  My most favorite time of year.  I finished these last night.  I used Sock Wizard software for a custom sized pattern.  The yarn is Knitting Fever Indulgence sock yarn that I bought at Mother of Purl Quilt Shop in Maine.  Absolutely love this yarn but unfortunately it's discontinued.  I only have one ball of it left.....I'll knit slowly to make it last longer :)  


LuAnn said...

I love your socks. The yarn is beautiful. Our weather has turned a bit cool, and just last night I pulled out a pair of socks that just need a few more rows to be finished. I'm always glad when it gets cool enough to think of knit scarves and warm socks.

Celtic Heart said...

Thanks LuAnn. I have only been doing simple socks and letting the yarn do the work. This has been my favorite yarn so far. Working on a pair of knee highs now. Never made them before. Halloween yarn orange and black :)