Sunday, August 16, 2015

Dill Pickles and Back Yard Pests

Caught up on the pickling cucumbers.  6 quarts done!!!!  A few of the pickles were too ripe so I gave them to the chickens.  For this batch of pickles, I used a "Classic Dill Pickle" recipe from the book "Food in Jars Preservcing in Small Batches Year Round".  I tripled the recipe. There are no small batches in this house. Looking at all these canning cookbooks, I've figured out I'm somewhere in between "small batches" and "grand scale".  Only thing left in the garden still growing are my eggplants and my plum trees.  The porcupines destroyed the apple trees. Not only ate every apple but then chewed up most of the branches.  After I get done with the plums and eggplants, I'll hit the numerous bags of frozen raspberries in the freezer or maybe I'll save that for something to do in the middle of winter.....because I'm am getting plum tired of canning :) 
Oh and this is out in my backyard on a daily basis.  I think there are baby coyotes in the far back of the property.  The coyote is not afraid of humans. I yelled at it and it just looked at me.  I ran toward it and it took a second before it ran away.  The fact that it had to think about it before moving isn't very reassuring.  Seriously getting too much like Dances With Wolves, I just want it to go away.  


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