Saturday, July 18, 2015

More Canning

More canning today...starting to run out of the small jars and energy :)  Late last night I finished the second batch of Zuchinni Salsa.  I'm being told I'm "only" up to 6 months worth of salsa.  :)  Then this morning, I started out with making Dill Relish. That had to sit for two hours in the cool basement before I could finish the seasoning and the hot water bath. I'm going to use it to jazz up tuna salads and use on top of hotdogs.  Camping trip coming up :)  The the last thing I made was the Summer Squash pickles.  That might make a good side dish with some ham.  I'm trying to find the Ball Recipes to share with you for but none of them are on their website.  I'm getting them all from their recipe book "The Complete Book of Home Preserving" (2006)  

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