Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Raised Garden Bed

I got a little too carried away in the garden shop when I was buying veggie plants.  I ran out of raised bed garden area before I ran out of plants.  So I saw this idea on Pinterest (so how could I go wrong ;)) and did this with the remaining eggplants and pickling cucumbers.  I probably have too many plants in there but we'll see what happens.
I bought too many veggie plants this year.  I get into those garden shops and just forget how big my raised bed gardens I found this idea on Pinterest.  If it's on Pinterest it must work..right??? :))   Filled the lower layer with about 5 inches of compost and then added 4 bags of top soil and potting mix.  I probably stuffed it way too much with plants but it was better than tossing them out...We'll see what happens :)  

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