Monday, June 1, 2015

Making Lilac Potpourri

Have a huge lilac bush in the back yard.  Tried making potpourri out of it.  I hung clusters of the flowers upside down on an old tobacco drying rack in a dark closet for 3 weeks.
After three weeks, I removed the petals from the stems.
I added a couple off drops of Lilac Floral Oil to enhance the fragrance.
Then I spooned the dried petals into sachet bags I found at the Christmas Tree Shoppe. 


Elma Maendel said...

How crucial is it to dry the lilacs in a dark place and ow dark must it be?
Thanks, Elma

Celtic Heart said...

Elma I followed direction I found on line. How important it is? I don't know. I put my drying stand in an empty dark closet. It seemed to work out well for me.