Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Batiks are looking special :)

Another delayed post.....Working in the shop this week so my friend can go to her daughter's wedding in CA.  Here I am working at the cash register....pull up a chair, it may take me a while. My first real job a hundred years ago was as a cashier in a discount department store.  One night I woke up having nightmares that I couldn't find the price tag on my pillowcase.  Tonight I'll probabaly wake up in a cold sweat looking for the barcode on the dog.  I'm not very confident about my cash register skills on this computerized register...but everything will be fine once the chest pains go away :)  Police work was a lot more relaxing. The first day was semi-uneventful.  One lady did drop a bolt of flamingo fabric behind the shelves but she was nice enough to hold the stool while I hung over the shelf and reached down to get it.  Bet that looked great on the security camera but we managed to save the flamingos :)


The batiks are looking particularly lovely...Wonder why that is :) 

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