Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Give Away Quilt #1

I'm on a mission to downsize my fabric stash...I've worked in quilt shops in addition to my "real jobs"over the years and I have way too much fabric. Me working in a quilt shop is like forcing an alcoholic be a bartender.  It's a dangerous place :)  I also worked for a well known fabric company and made some of their magazine and pattern samples....I opted to get paid in fabric at the whole sale rate....Sure I don't need money, mountains of quilt shop quality cotton fabrics is good :)  So I have too much of it.  The next time we move, it's not going with me.  So I'm hell bent on moving it out.

Two weeks ago, I made this super easy quilt.  It's called Bloomin Peaks by Moda.  Free pattern available on line.

It doesn't match the decor in our house so I decided to do something fun on Facebook....to break up the monotony and triviality that is Facebook. and do a quilt raffle among my FB friends.  If they hit like or made a comment, their name went into a canning jar. There were approximately 60 people who wanted it :)  Last Friday night at 9 p.m., I pulled a name :)

Yesterday I mailed it off to a retired police dispatcher friend living in IL.  She has a real flare for decorating so I'm sure she will find just the perfect place or use for the quilt :)

And all I can say now is..............NEXT!!!!!


Cindy said...

I'm the lucky recipient of this wonderful quilt! As I was watching the 'name drawing' for the quilt, as the hints kept relating to me, I couldn't believe it and yelled 'WOW' and made my husband jump a foot off the couch. Thanks Mo for the quilt. As summer has set in, I haven't given it a proper place in the house yet,, but as soon as I do I will post photos.

Celtic Heart said...

Omgosh that was so much fun. I love surprises LOLOL :) I wish we had a camera on you when the hints were being given :)

Chris Haney said...

I love it! Can't wait to make one!