Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Whiskey Chicken

I'm not particularly good at making gravy.  Never have been.  My niece saved my bacon (or my turkey) on Thanksgiving by jumping in and making the gravy. If she hadn't been there, I would have just popped open a jar.  Last night I tried a recipe from the "Real Irish Food" cookbook by David Bowers.  Yep I bought another Irish cookbook.  I cannot get out of Barnes and Noble without buying a cookbook.  The recipe was called "Whiskey Chicken".  The gravy was awesome.  My only complaint is that there wasn't enough of it for the leftovers.  The chicken and the gravy are cooked in a cast iron skillet.  Mine is not cast iron but "cast iron like."  It's a non stick cast iron pan.  I should have bought more than two because I gave one away and I really like them.  The potatoes I just nuked. Would definitely make this one again.  Tonight I'm trying the Chicken and Fruit Curry on page 141.

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