Sunday, April 5, 2015

"Smashville Preds" project....shoot me now.

My sister in law and step-daughter in law are big Nashville Predators fans (Go Bruins) which is why I'm knitting in these horribly paired colors :)  Just kidding....but really Go Bruins :)  Webs was having a sale on their Cascade 220s (but it didn't include black....bummer...but I did get an extra two skeins of the gold.  Did I mention Go Bruins?  They want scarves not cowls.  Not sure exactly what I'll do with the yarn yet.....burning it is not an option (Go Bruins).  Went to see a Bruins game last night at TD Garden and they had a cute scarf idea for a double sided circular knit scarf with ribbing on both ends in a smaller gauge in the Proshop.  The bottom ends may have been sewn shut.  I can't remember.  It was nice and thick but considering they live in TN and don't have brual winters down there, I'm thinking maybe lighter weight scarf would be better.  Not sure yet.  Still thinking on it....I've got plenty of time for a perfect idea to form in the old noggin. I found a Predators sew on patch on Ebay to add to it too.  The picture of my yarn makes the gold look more yellow but they call it Goldenrod and it really is more of a gold color.  Go Bruins!  And I'm not going to kid myself.....If we were to ever go to a Bruins vs. Preds game together at Bridgestone Arena and the B's Yankee ass would be walking home LOLOL :) Go Bruins :)   


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