Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Entertainment Center Make Over

I never had the urge to run out and buy a big screen TV.  I think they are ugly and look like big black holes in a room.  I hate the modern, tech-y look of the entertainment centers that hold them.   But you have to compromise and you can't throw a quilt over them :)  So I said okay to the big ugly big screen but I wanted an oak entertainment center to go with the rest of our country decor.  My buddy Chuck told me what mutual friends did with their oak entertainment center.
1.  Cut the top off above the lower set of doors.
2.  Take the top and the surrounding crown molding off the top and attach it over the lower doors.  .

We just destroyed perfectly good oak furniture
Say what?????????? Destroy perfectly good oak furniture?  Are you crazy??? :)  The hubster did a great job!!

It took an afternoon.  The redo required a hand saw, a level, a pry bar, a hammer, a nail set and some glue.

The best part of the make over is that I can hide most of the cable TV and Roku paraphernalia in the cabinet AND the remotes work through the wood :)