Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hitchhiker Scarf

Yarn was hand dyed by my friend Holly Kennedy. I made my scarf longer than the pattern called for and used approx. 1 1/2 of Holly's skeins. The color is "Deck The Halls". 

Pattern is Hitchhiker by

Here is the link to Holly's Etsy Shop:

Monday, February 10, 2014

Lucky Charms Quilt

Forty St. Paddy's Day fabrics and approximately thirty six days till St. Paddy's Day.  No problem :)

Debbie's Mother's Quilt

  I finished it last night.  My friend Debbie found an unfinished quilt top in her mother's basement after her mother died. She vaguely remembers her mother and grandmother working on it.  Some of it was hand stitched....some of it machine stitched.  Some of the fabrics appear to be feed sacks and old 30's prints.  I'm guessing they are the real thing and not reproductions. The piece was un-quiltable as it was.  Would not lay flat and had several holes in it.  The top smelled very, very musty so the first thing I did was machine wash it and added some Oxyclean.  There are still a few stains but that adds to the charm.  I machine appliqued the circles on to a very pale pink fabric, added borders and then did a feather quilting design over all of it.  Everything looks better with feathers :) Most of the top went into the final quilt as there was very little left when I got done. Her mother LOVED polka dots too :)  Photogrid doesn't let you enlarge so here's a single picture of the finished project.