Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Outlander Claire Rent Shawl

I bought way too much of this yarn for this project.  I had to...it was on sale in the back room of Webs. I made mine a lot bigger than Claire's. I was thinking practical and warmth. I did not make mine a triangle shape either.  I used the "Mini Weaver Shawl" pattern by Peggy Pignato.  I just kept going and going and going so mine is more of  "Maxi Weaver Shawl."  The hell with Claire!! Where's Mrs. Fitzgibbons?  Mrs. Fitz could wear my shawl :)  

Here's the link:

I like this shape better than a triangle because it drapes more naturally and stays on easier for me even without my shawl pin.  I am working on a more exact duplicate of the Rent Shawl and will be posting it soon.  For this one, I used brown, blue and black Schachenmayr SMC Soft Tweed. I think if you spun up dryer lint and turned it into a yarn, it would be Schachenmayr Tweed. Could explain why it was discontinued and priced really low.  But I wanted texture...I got it :) But not a fast yarn to knit....sort of nubby and grippy on the needles. You're going to need 40" long circular needles to hold all those stitches.  I used a size 7 needle.

I've seen numerous versions of the Rent Shawl on line.  If you make this pattern or any other basic triangle shawl pattern, when it's time to change colors, BE SURE YOU ALWAYS ADD THE NEW COLORS BEGINNING AT THE SAME SIDE OF THE SHAWL.  I've seen one where the knitter added one color on the other opposite side so you can see something like this on her outside/good side.

You don't want to see this on the outside of your shawl.
If it looks like this, it's the inside!

You don't want that....it's a rookie mistake.  So even if you have to, tie a ribbon or yarn on the outside of your shawl, do it.  It will remind you that you want that ribbon facing you when you add your additional colors.  You'll look like a pro  :)

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