Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Outlander Claire Capelet

Cape is based on a pattern by Cassidy Conners called Claire Inspired Knit Capelet done in Paton's Classic Wool (two strands together).

Made using a pattern by Cassidy Conners called "Claire Inspired Knit Capelet"
Yarn is just Paton's Classic Wool.

Yeah it's blocked and looks so much better than unblocked :)


Kate said...

I like your capelet much better than the one that "inspired" you. It seems a little bigger and I like the way it covers the shoulders more. Do you have a pattern for sale? I am not very good at making adjustments. Thanks...Kate

Celtic Heart said...

Kate I used the pattern that is in the original post. I didn't have a chunky yarn so I used two strands of worsted held together.....that might be why it's bigger. Did you know there is a new knitting book inspired by the Outlander series. It's called Highland Knits and they do have a capelet in the book called Boar Hunt Capelet. The pattern looks a little bigger to me than this one. Here's the link if you want to check it out:

Celtic Heart said...

Kate--- This was my original post when I finished my Capelet. I changed the bottom edge a little bit...There's a close up at this post that shows what I did. And I think I did a different decrease than Cassidy the designer did but for the life of me I don't remember what it was. Sorry. Some sort of center decrease. I think Cassidy's might have been slanting in one direction or another. Not that it looked bad or anything, just my personal choice. As you can see from my original post, I used all the same stitch count as Cassidy. Now I do tend to knit larger than most gauges in patterns and I end up dropping down a couple of needle sizes in most patterns. I didn't go that for this pattern. I used the same size needles as Cassidy did in this pattern because like you I wanted it bigger. Newsflash I do not have a Claire Fraser figure :) Oh how I wish that I did. That woman could wear a sack and look fabulous :) I hope this helps you out a wee bit :)

Celtic Heart said...

P.S. Following your blog now. We are definitely kindred spirits :)