Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Canning Season Has Started

Found more than half a dozen really mature and huge black raspberry bushes on the property. Had no idea they were out there but the bear did.....So I guess I really didn't need to buy those three plants from the Tractor Supply Warehouse.  I'm picking about 2 1/2 to 3 lbs. every other day :) The first thing I made was a batch of traditional jelly.  That was a first....it gelled :) Yes :)  Then last night I made something called "Sundae In a Jar".  It's a topping for ice cream but you could add a banana and whip cream and make a banana split.    Only took about an hour and a half to do it too.  I have approximately 10 lbs. of berries in the freezer that I have to do something with.  I'm getting requests for more of the Raspberry Chipotle Jelly I made last year.  Last year's version was the freezer jelly....but I found a recipe for the traditional method on the Ball canning website.  That should make it easier to mail to the "requesters"   :) 

Sunday In a Jar in the making

Traditional Raspberry Jelly


Couldn't find the link on the Ball site but this is the same recipe on her blog.
Sundae in a Jar finished

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