Monday, June 30, 2014

Vermont Quilt Festival

Well I finally made it to the Vermont Quilt Festival.  It has been on my bucket list of quilt shows to get to.  Some day Houston :)  So Friday night I'm roaming around downtown Burlington watching people watching a woman sitting.  After the excitement of that wore off, I went to Coldwater Creek and bought a mannequin.  They are closing up shop...another sign of the pathetic economic times and selling everything including the shelves.  It's sad.  But I got a piece of Coldwater Creek history :)
So Saturday morning, I was at the show right before the doors opened.  I don't know what I was expecting but I thought it would take me all day to do the show.  It didn't.  Next year, I'll sleep in a little and just give myself about 4 or 5 hours to do it. Really nice show! I liked it better than MQX in Manchester.  Next year maybe I'll take a class or two. :)  
So I thought this paper pieced pattern was too cute.  It's about 6 feet talk and you can attach decorations on it. Perfect for someone who doesn't have room for a real tree.  

Then I found this little guy made out of old cutter quilt.  I've tried making one of these out of a single layer of fabric (not a quilt) and it's harder than it looks.  You over stuff those arms those underarm seams are going to split really I'm going to give it another try with a cutter quilt.  

Having lived in SoCal for so many years, I'm so used to being surrounded by Spanish speakers but being around French speaking was a little different for me.  The first thing I thought when I saw this sign was "Hab fans" :(

Here are some of my favorite quilts of the show including of course who made them :)

Nautical Stars by Judy Mathieson

Now this guy is a quilt show veteran :)  Maybe there was an "incident" :)  As I was leaving, I saw a vendor taking a breaking laying flat on her back on a bench soaking up some rays.   

George Washington At Valley Forge
By Chris Wolf Edmonds

Joseph's Coat by Shelly Coddington

My Jubilee by Regan K. Martin
Love the two colored quilts!
Flower Boxes by Sheila Groman

Hexie Garden by Carolyn Hudson

My Version of a Persian by Christine Wickert

There's always one quilt at a show that makes you think "what the heck am I doing with my time?"  My Version of Persian is that quilt.  Hand quilted, hand appliqued and all in silk.  I didn't have my magnifying glasses with me so I had to ask someone next to me to tell me if it was hand quilted or machine quilted.  Three women said at the same time "HAND!" :) She won a ribbon...I'm not sure what it was...but whatever it was well deserved.
Had to zoom in on this.  My friend Mindy LOVES owls :)

My Favorite Things by Brenda Helfin

Star of Chamblie by Marsha McCloskey
Feathered Star by Aileen Chutter

Ring Around the Rosy By Maureen Blanchard

My friend Maureen won another ribbon with her Ring Around the Rosy.   She loves those hexies!!! The lighting at the Expo Center did not do it justice.

 Now my choice of BEST IN SHOW!!! 
"My Family"
By Elizabeth Theresa Verboys
She made it all by herself.
Eight year old home girl from Orange County, NY.
Way to go Elizabeth!!

So after the show we all met up at Yankee Pride quilt shop and then went antique-ing.  I had to do something completely Vermonty and touristy so I went to Vermont Teddy Bear.  At least I didn't come home with maple syrup :)   

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