Sunday, June 15, 2014

Anna From Frozen continued.....

The skirt is still not done....Need to do some embroidery and some hand stitching on the waist.  So I moved on to the cape and hat.  The cape is a heavily modified Wicked Witch of the West pattern (Simplicity 7091),  I made it out of felt and not fabric like the pattern calls for. I basically just used the pattern to get the basic cape shape.  I probably could have gone shorter in the front...but I'm not going to dwell on it.....(well maybe just a little).  Then I added the mini balls for trim since it looks like that is what she has on it in the movie.  Yes I rented the movie from Netflix late one night.  Dang that Elsa turns into a little hottie real quick...doesn't she?  The hat was a cut and sew crap shoot.  I basically just cut a sort of elongated rounded diamond out of the felt to get some sort of shape to go over her noggin.  Then I used pretty ribbon elastic sewn to the inside of the hat (under her hair) to keep the hat on.  Added the little black trim to that too.

Elastic used on the hat

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