Thursday, June 19, 2014

Anna from Frozen 18" doll outfit. Done!!!

Finished it :)  The picture on the left is the best picture I could find with the details of the outfit.  I tried to make it out of the shiny fabric but it was a bugger to work with and near impossible to do really nice embroidery on.  The velvet I tried for the vest was leaving a lot of lint on the blouse....a lot!!! so I gave up on that and used regular black cotton.  I made the outside of the vest and a matching inside...stitched them together leaving the side seams open...and then I turend it inside it fitted under the arm and stitched the side seams. I used double fold gold bias tape at the bottom hem line and the neckline...and then I just used small floral appliques on the vest rather than hand embroidery.  I did do hand embroidery on the skirt...I thought it would take forever but it went quicker than I thought.  Found the black boots on for like $8.95...they are adorable. Snaps on the shirt and skirt and Velcro to close the back of the vest.  Oh I had to draw my own vest front. I used a vest back from a commercial pattern, matched the side seams and then sort of drew my own pointy vest with a sort of sweetheart collar.  

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