Monday, April 28, 2014

More 18" doll stuff :)

Easy! Easy Outfit!  The green t-shirt is store bought (See link below).  The vest is Simplicity 2296 view B. The skirt is Simplicity 1484 view E.  If you are just getting started making doll clothes, this would be the place to begin.  If you are experienced, you could probably crank both out in about an hour and a half.    

I cheated a little with this outfit.  I bought the shirt and the leggings and the white shirt from this company:  They have really cute things and the prices are better than AG.  The black jumper is a McCalls pattern #M5554.  I've got a cute pair of black velveteen flats to go with this outfit...somewhere....I just saw them a couple of days ago.....  The next outfit has to match hot pink cowboy boots. :)



Anonymous said...

pretty nice blog, following :)

Agnes said...

Just bought Simplicity 1484 yesterday. It was a revelation! Some of the tricks in there are amazing in their simplicity.
Your Anna/Frozen dress is quite the cutest I've ever seen (and I've looked at a lot on etsy.)

Celtic Heart said...

Thanks Agnes. Glad you could find the pattern. I'll be making an Elsa dress too....Heaven help me :)