Friday, April 11, 2014

Finished "Big Foot's" Socks

Finally finished these gigantic socks for the size 12 feet in the house!!!  Good Grief!  They needed two skeins of yarn instead of one and they were so boring to make. Round after round, I thought the socks would never end. Size one needles using Enchanted Knoll Farm Sock Yarn. I bought it at the New England Textile Association SPA weekend in Freeport, Maine a couple of weeks ago.  Pattern generated by the Sock Wizard Computer Program.  They are really dense and hopefully Big Foot won't wear out the heels of this pair.  They may look like knee highs but to quote the late John Pinette "I say nay nay."  They are just regular length socks and they are too big for my sock blockers.  Do they make sock blockers for giant feet or should I just buy a sheet of plywood and make my own?  The yarn is really nice though and Big Foot likes the colors :)           

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