Sunday, April 20, 2014

Boston Bruins Counted Cross Stitch Tea Towel

I found the logo at this website.

It's meant for knitting intarsia but you can use it for needlepoint or counted cross stitch too.
Black was DMC 310 and Gold was DMC 725.  Just winged the checker board borders.
Got the towel at Joann's Fabrics 
Lunch box was a give away from the Bruins-Flyers game last weekend.  Bruins won :)


ccr in MA said...

Very nice! I have a cross-stitch of the Bruins logo that I made years ago, framed on my wall. Go Bruins!

Celtic Heart said...

I have one of those in the works too CCR :) That's going to take me a while to do so it may be a while before you see any posts on it. Almost done with the Bruins colored socks...should have them finished by the weekend. Go Bruins!!!! Tuukka!!! Tuukka!!! :)