Monday, March 24, 2014

Fair Isle Class

Before Homework
I took a two day class on Fair Isle knitting at The Woolery with Donna Kay.  Awesome teacher.  Great class!!!!  Holy smokes!!!  Her Fair Isle Sweaters are awesome.  My head is spinning....not so much with the color changing because that it turns out is the EASY part :)  Stranding is so much easier than my lame attempt at intarsia.  It turns out you cannot do a Bruins logo in Fair Isle.  I just had to ask :)  The Bruins logo has to be done using intarsia.  :( I see a Bruins logo and an intarsia class in my future....along with a Stanley Cup :)  

After Homework

At the end of Day #1, I went home and did about 10 rows of homework so that I would be ready to do the armhole steeks the next day.  I wanted to get the homework done before the Bruins-Coyotes game started.  Fortunately it was a west coast away game and started later so hey no pressure!!! :)   The homework was DONE before the puck drop!!!!  Thankfully the Bruins kicked butt in the 3rd period (as usual) and the game didn't go into overtime because I would have been a zombie for the Sunday morning class if the game involved  overtime or heaven forbid a shoot out.  After 12 hours of knitting in one day, I needed an Ibuprofen.   

The second part of the class was more difficult....incorporating in two more steeks for the arm holes and figuring out where to do decreases and in what color.  Mind you I never heard of a steek until Saturday morning and now I have three of them in one project :)  Turns out a steek is just a crap area of the sweater that isn't seen when finished (from the outside anyway) and is eventually cut into and it doesn't unravel.  It's where all the color changes begin and end.  Exact locations of the color changes in the steek don't really matter because what goes on in the steek stays in the steek...It's like Vegas.  The decreases were more critical and had to be done in the right place in the right color.  At that point, I was about ready to say poke me with a fork, I'm done :)  Sitting next to the class over-achiever helped.  So now I'm about ready to join shoulder seams, cut the arm hole steek and pick up stitches for the sleeves.  Hoping to get to that tonight before the puck drops tonight and the Bruins wipe the ice with the Canadiens.  Win 13, successful shoulder seams and sleeves tonight!!  I hope :)   

Even the wrong side looks cool.

This is what it is suppose to look like. Seriously!
Arm hole steek

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