Friday, March 14, 2014

Boston Bruins Knitting

Working on a Boston Bruins inspired shawl. 
The pattern is called Stanley Cup Shawl which I found on  Here is a direct link to the pattern. 
There is a mistake in the pattern on Row #5.  This is what it reads in the pattern:
Row 5: K2, yo, K to marker, yo, sm, K1, sm, yo, K to 2 sts, K2. (15 sts)
This is what it should be.
Row 5: K2, yo, K to marker, yo, sm, K1, sm, yo, K to 2 sts, YO, K2. (15 sts)
Because the designer probably bleeds black and gold, we will forgive her :)
This changes the stitch count but it doesn't matter.  As long as your white and gold rows are the same lengths and the narrow black rows in between them are all the same, it will go unnoticed during a power play :) 


 Is this the coolest stitch marker ever :) Seriously if it weren't for great saves by Tuukka Rask, I would probably drop a stitch :)

So I'm not even done with this project yet and I'm already thinking of doing a Bruins pullover.  I'm thinking something oversized, long and loose so I can wear a turtleneck and my L.L. Beans light weight long johns underneath it.....or as I call this outfit in Massachusetts....pajamas :)   I'm itching to knit this intarsia Bruins logo on something.  Might start with a pillow first to practice the color changes.  Found the below chart at this website :)  Thank you Chemknits :)

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