Sunday, February 23, 2014

Getting ready for St. Paddy's Day

Still have one more pillow to finish and a pair of Kelly green socks to finish knitting :) 
Getting ready for St. Paddy's Day.....New tradition is a St. Paddy's Day tree and I may just leave it up and decorate it seasonally all year long :)

Shamrock decorations and a St. Patrick's Day wire ribbon.  Green and white lights :)
Simple wreath with 2 rolls of ribbon, grapevine wreath and a garden poker cut down to size.

This year's scrappy quilt using up the never ending pile of St. Paddy's Day fabrics.  Bottom picture is the doll I revamped last year and the St. Paddy's Day Quilt I made several years ago.

Last Year's Project

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