Friday, August 16, 2013


The pattern designer Pam asked if she could use the pictures of my three Sapphire shawls on her pattern page on Ravelry.  That's right people, I'm a little bit famous in my own mind.  :) 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Doggy Carrier

Well I made this last week for Zoey but at 9.5 lbs. she's way too big for I'm giving it to a friend for a 4 lb. dog.  Super easy to make. I might make another one for the church carnival.  They are doing a basket raffle.  I've already promised a New England Patriot's basket.  This dog purse is a Kwik Sew pattern #K3517.  I used a denim on the outside and a home dec weight on the inside. Has a short leash inside to attach to the dog's collar. 

Finished another World's Coolest Scarf

Still having fun with this pattern.  It used to be a free pattern on Ravelry but the designer's website is no longer available.  :(  If it helps anyone searching for the pattern, it originated from a yarn shop in Florida named "Great Balls of Yarn".  And here's me striking the typical Ravlery project pose :)  Pick a FUN yarn.  For this one I used 2 balls of something I found at Joann's a couple of years ago...yep stash busting...Jo-Ann's Sensations Angel Hair blend (acrylic, nylon and wool).  It' a bulky weight and very soft (240 yards total).  

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Day Two with Zoey

 A really good first night last night.  Zoey and my other dog Buffy are getting along great and slept together on the same bed. Our cat Socks is a bit miffed but I couldn't imagine the transition going as easy as it has.  Today I took Zoey to the groomers.  She had a few fleas on her and was in need of a bath and grooming.   The ladies at Petsmart think she is possibly part Yorkie and part Brussels Griffon.  Whatever she is, we just think she's adorable. :)

Our New Dog

We picked up our new rescue dog yesterday. Her name is Zoey and we just love her already.  So how getting another dog all came about.  I was on Pinterest and one of the ladies that I follow on Pinterest posted a dog on the website so I clicked on the link and started looking at all these really awesome dogs that have been rescued from kill shelters and I came across Zoey.  Well at first I thought she was in a somewhat local animal shelter but it turned out she was in TN at an animal sanctuary in the Smokey Mountains named Love Handlers.  Love Handlers is a non profit animal rescue organization.  Without really knowing exactly how Zoey would get to us, I filled out an application.  A really nice man Kirk called and we were approved to get her.  (Really we are probably one of the best pet owners walking the face of the earth because everything we ever owned was rescued and then spoiled rotten.) Of course they have to be careful who they give the dogs to and do contact your current vet for references.  Well it turns out Zoey was found stuffed into a night deposit box at a bank. The manager opened the bank in the morning and found her, kept her for two weeks before turning her over to a kill shelter.  Love Handlers rescued her from there and now I'm the lucky owner :)   Love Handlers put Zoey on an animal transportation vehicle Alpha Dog Transport along with numerous other lucky rescued dogs and she began her journey from TN to New England stopping in NJ, PA, NY, CT along the way as those other animals were given to their new families.  Finally, she arrived at the last stop in Maine.  Along the I95 there is a really nice rest stop just as you get into southern Maine.  We were to meet behind the rest stop. When we got there, there were two other rescue animal transport vehicles already there.  Seriously who knew this went on at rest stops?  I had no clue.      
One of the companies was named Got Orphans Transport.  They came from Arkansas via some route that also had them going through Ohio before also ending up in Maine. The driver told me between her two vehicles, she can transport approx. 160 pets (a little more if some of them are small puppies).  So the parking lot started filling up with all sorts of people there to claim their new pets. Other travelers leaving the rest stop were looking at us probably thinking "what the heck is going on here with all of these dogs?'.   Alpha Dog transport wasn't there when we first got there.  No doubt they got stuck in same brutal 495 traffic around Boston that we did.  And then Mr. Alpha Dog showed up in this gigantic tractor trailer that just screamed "Alpha Dog" LOL :)    I think what he does for a living is so cool.  Yeah yeah he gets paid for it but what satisfaction he must get knowing he's bringing dogs that were on a kill list to their new homes. 

When this man got his dog from the "Got Orphans" ladies, the dog was so terrified it could not walk.  Its tail was plastered between its legs and it was just trembling. Who knows what the poor thing's history is?  After trying to  get it to walk, this guy just picked it up and started hugging and kissing on it. 
  Love at first sight :)  This dog was so happy to see her!

Mr. Alpha Dog
What a cool job he has.

 Me getting Zoey.  Mr. Alpha Dog was telling me she was a handful.  She was beyond happy and could hardly contain herself :)  Me too :) 
What was really cool to see was a couple of ladies from a local animal rescue group showed up and restocked the Got Orphans ladies with blankets and dog food along with some treats for the humans :)

So if you are interested in getting a dog, seriously consider rescue dogs. If you are hell bent on a pedigree, there is one out there that could be rescued rather than buying a dog in a pet shop or paying a breeder.
On our way home

Home after an exhausting day