Monday, February 11, 2013

Magic Loop Sock Class

I'm taking a sock class using the "Magic Loop" method. So far I LOVE IT!!  I may never go back to double pointed needles ever again.

The class is divided into three classes.  Class one we cast on, set up and do the ribbing.  Then for "homework" we do the cuff. We only have to finish one cuff but I've already started on the second sock.  (Yeah overachiever what can I say :) I needed to do something during the Nemo blizzard).  Seriously fast knitting if you feel the need for speed. This Magic Loop method coupled with Continental style knitting and you'll be kicking those socks out.

The second class will be the heel, heel turn and getting started on the gussett.  The last class is toe decreasing and kitchener stitch which totally befuddles me.

Learning a lot so far.  The teacher printed up custom patterns using the Sock Wizard software program.  I had never heard of this but basically it is this:

You knit a swatch with whatever yarn you want to make your sock out of.  You find your guage.  Then with the Sock Wizard software program you "plug in" your guage, your SHOE SIZE, your method of how you are going to make your socks (double pointeds, two circular needles, one circular needle (Magic Loop method) etc,), the type of cuff length you want (We are doing 8 inch standard) and then the type of toe and heels you want.  Whaaaaala she prints it out and hands you your custom pattern. Very cool.

So I had to have this software program....well it turns out the software company has just recently retired and have gone out of business...but I found the software on Ebay for like $20.00...Yeah me :) Now installing computer software is not my strong point so hopefully it won't be too hard for me to do.    (I know a male knitter that wears size 13 shoes so as soon as I get the software installed, we're going to attempt to create a sock pattern that actually fits him.)

I am really liking my local yarn shop (the Woolpack in Acton, MA).  Very down to earth attitude.....Much like the equally awesome Yarn Garden in Annapolia, MD and Cornwall Yarn Shop in Cornwall, NY.  I've been in some yarn shops where you walk in with your sweater pattern (high hopes and dreams hahaha) looking for yarn and you are immediately directed to the $30.00 a ball yarn and you'll need 10 of them to make that sweater (11 if you want some yardage wiggle room).  Really? 

I'll be the first to admit when and IF my knitting skills are ever worth ten $30.00 a ball yarn.  That day may never come but if it does, I'll be taking an ad out in every single newspaper :)  Until then could you please direct me to the "I live in the real world" yarn without looking at me like I just asked you if you carry Walmart Red Heart (eewwww) :)  Yeah I never went back to that shop :)  I think that's when I bought the spinning wheel and started spinning my own :)   So back to my's a picture of them so far.

P.S. Forgot to tell you... Using a size 1 40" length circular needle.  The Addi Turbo needles!!! Yeah they even sound fast...because they are :) 


 We "only" got 24 inches.  The good news is we are getting some more today :)