Thursday, November 7, 2013

Awesome Voice :) Ronan Tynan :)

I rarely post pics of myself on my blog unless it's me facing backwards wearing a shawl or taking a picture of a cowl with the camera in my face but I don't get around super awesome, mega-talented people very often so I had to share (okay brag :)) Went to see Ronan Tynan in concert this weekend. His voice is so amazing, I'd listen to him sing the phone book :)

Well I might as well tell you the whole story. A week before the concert, we were picking up friends from Logan Airport and I saw Ronan on the moving sidewalk going past us in the opposite direction.  I looked at my husband like oh my God is that who I think it was and he said yep, that's him. So like a complete star struck goober, I yelled across the  airport "I love your singing!" and Ronan yelled back "thank you".  When we got home, we found out he was going to be doing a couple of local concerts and we got tickets.  Does this make Ronan my new BFF?? Just wondering :)

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