Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ruffled Princess Shawl

A while back Princess Kate ran to the grocery store for milk wearing this shawl.......obviously before the royal marriage. Look how adorable she is.  Could we maybe trade Miley Cyrus for her?  Please.  Then the pattern designers started trying to duplicate the shawl she was wearing. 

This pattern was one of those duplications.
 I needed a pattern to feature the yarn. I used Miss Babs Northumbria fingering weight. The color is "cauldron" :) Ooooooh spooky :)

I didn't want a complicated pattern because detail would get lost in the gorgeous colors.  The pattern was a bit of a bugger.  Not because it was complicated but because of the huge number of stitches on the needle.  If I made a mistake...did I say if...I meant when I made a mistake.... finding it was brutal.  After I finished it, I didn't like the was too ruffle-y :) The picture below is of the shawl before I blocked it. My lovely model who had the giggles is a young knitter at the local library knitting group. 

 So then I blocked it......basically, steamed, spritzed, stretched and pinned it into submission.  You might not be able to see it but there are lace blocking wires in the neck area.  The blocking turned the ruffle-y border more into a lacy pointy border.    I like it better. I plan on wearing it to the next knitting guild meeting (another group I belong to...super talented knitters there).   

Where's my broom? 

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