Sunday, August 25, 2013

Another Sapphire and Faded Jeans Crescent Shaped Shawl

 This one is for my friend Shannon's birthday....a little late.  Made out of Classic Elite Yarns Vista (alpaca and merino blend worsted weight) My obsession with alpaca continues :) Made this one like the last two versions of the same pattern longer and wider than the pattern calls for.  I probably shouldn't have taken the above picture when it was so sunny out.  I might re do that picture.

Found the beads at Joann's Fabrics. Joann's has tons of beads but I think they mainly focus on beads for jewelry makers.  I really like the crochet hook method of attaching the beads.  That method you can get the beads completely vertical and right where you want it....but the bummer is it's harder to find beads with a big enough hole for even the tiniest of crochet hooks.

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