Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sneak Peek

Every now and then I see a pattern and just have to drop whatever I'm working on to make THAT one!  This is COMPLETELY different for me and I just might have to make a couple of them.  

That happened yesterday.  I went digging through my yarn stash and came up with what I thought was the perfect yarns for the project.  The pattern called for bulky weight yarn which I didn't have but I had two mid weight yarns that worked well together.  One is a Aran weight "Studio Donegal" soft Donegal 100% merino and the other is a "who the heck knows what".....a funky mixed novelty yarn with ribbons and fuzzies and something that looks like dryer lint.  Yep had to have it. Can't find the label that came with it though .... sorry. 

Okay so here's what I've gotten done so far......finished project coming soon. 

Happy summer knitting. 

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