Friday, January 4, 2013

Good Grief :(

Oh for the love of Pete.  Blogger has a new way of uploading pictures to the blog.  Honestly it's a pain in the tush.  First I have to load the picture into a Picasso Web Album...which apparently I already have.  Had no idea and then from there I can upload it onto the Blogger.  I guess leaving things the way they were SIMPLE AND CONVENIENT was just too much to ask :(

Okay so here's a test just to show I can do it....

There's two hours of my life I could have spent knitting or quilting
:(  Ugh. :(  


Rilly said...

You didn't say if it was for the blog you're composing or for the blog site itself. I had to hunt for adding photos to the blog site so here's what I had to do.
1. sign into your blog.
2. On the nav bar click on "design".
3. On the left, click on "layout".
4. On the right, click on "Add Gadget" in blue.
5. Scroll down about 14 to "image" and click on the plus sign.
6. A box comes up to download from your computer or from a web site.
I usually uncheck the "shrink to fit" box...depends on the size of the photo. For the small ones on the right side I resize to 200 pixels. I hope this helps. Rilly

Celtic Heart said...

OMG Rilly I didn't think I'd need a computer science degree to upload a picture to the blog. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing here :)

The original version of Blogger was so much easier to navigate. Is there a petition out there I can sign to bring it back :)

I hate to admit it but I don't even check the other blogs that I'm following anymore. They used to be so much easier to view. Now I go on Pinterest for creative inspiration. Are you on Pinterest? My Pinterest life is much more organized than my real life. My real life would probably catch up if I could manage to get off Pinterest :)

I just uploaded pictures last week too and now they've changed something. Don't they know I'm too old to keep learning new things unless of course it's quilting or knitting related :)

I'm trying to add pictures to the individual posts. I tried doing what you suggested (clearly incorrectly :)) and ended up uploading a picture of our backyard by mistake....Well I guess it's going to stay there now. LOL

The numerous "add gadget" icons I'm seeing are for particular areas for how the blog looks in general.....not seeing anything for the individual posts popping up. Do you know is there more than one Navigation Bar??? Maybe you could start by navigating me to the Navigation Bar you are talking about :)

That's it I'm going to the "girl cave" and quilting. Started a new wall hanging for St. Patrick's Day :) You better give me your email address if you ever want to see it hahahaha :)

Celtic Heart said...

But on the up side, I found where you can translate your blog into another language......I'm sure my millions of followers in Albania will be happy :)

Rilly said...

The nav/navigation bar is across the top of the blog...has your sign in, next blog, etc. I know that the "add gadget" on the right side can be drug down to where you want it, but not sure about the others. I'm so afraid of screwing the whole thing up I don't do near the stuff that many other bloggers do. I know you can also change photos that appear on the right by clicking on the wrench or tool icon that appears by each one after you sign in. You're right tho, what they think is easier, and probably is after you do it enough times to remember it, takes an old brain longer to figure out. This old dog definitely does not like learning new tricks.

I don't do Pinterest, because I've never taken the time to check it out and I'm not quite sure what it is other than photos of things people like.

Oh, wait a just dawned on me after reading your comment umpteen times, you want to add photos to the individual blogs. That's how my brain works now. Ok...across the top of the text box for the blog are several items for choosing and sizing text, color, etc. and there is an icon of a photo. First, put your cursor where you want the photo in the blog then click on the photo icon, click on "choose file", find the photo you want, double click on it and it will load. Then click on the photo to highlight it and click the "add selected" button. Your photo should magically appear. (I thought about deleting everything I said and starting over but decided it would probably make it worse.) Hope this helps you.

I get notice whenever you post so I'm always checking out your projects. My mom was a quilter and I never inherited the love of making, just the love of seeing them. You do beautiful work...and I honestly don't envy you. and here's my email address.....

Celtic Heart said...

Wow we must have totally different set ups. I don't have any of that on my Blog. But that's okay as long as I can upload a photo with this Picasso thing-a-ma-jig :) I'm good.

I like Pinterest for a couple of reasons.
1) It's like getting a magazine in the mail every day.
2) It's not just pictures of things you like....most have links to patterns. If it's not a knitting or quilting thing...say it's a furniture makeover or a will usually connect you to the blogger or website that made it.
3) It's the best for holiday decorating and cooking ideas.
4) Once I started following like minded people with the same interests as me, I rarely have to search for anything anymore. Awesome stuff just shows up in my everyday feed. You name it there is cool stuff out there (and occasionally some odd or creepy stuff but you can block those people) pets, fashions, home decor, cooking, baking, hobbies, fitness tips, whatever :) One person actually "pinned" a picture of one of my quilts on Pinterest and it popped up in my feed. I was shocked and like "OMG that's my quilt!!" :) Pinners can upload stuff from the interent...They are suppose to give credit to the site they found it on but that doesn't always happen.

Okay guess I'll try and work on my St. Patrick's Day wall hanging. Think I'm fighting the crud here so I'm moving a bit slow today :(

Anneke said...

I don't have those troubles yet... hope it stays away :-)
Love the knitted shawls I have seen for Christmas! beautiful.
I'm not from Albania, but from the Netherlands... but I read (slowly) in English too. :-)

Celtic Heart said...
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Celtic Heart said...

Wow I have a follower in Holland. Way cool and nice to meet you Anneke.

If you have any trouble reading my posts it might be because I have a slight New York accent hahahaha :)

Anneke I just checked out your blog. Adorable!!!! Going to start following you. Love your cross stitch patterns!!!