Friday, December 7, 2012

Italian Crescent Casserole

Made this tonight.  I followed the recipe as written but found the meat a bit blah.  Next time I would add some Italian seasonings or maybe some Italian sausage.  Easy and quick and perfect when you are busy with Christmas preparations. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Sewing's a disaster!!!!

Oh my goodness...I used to know where everything was and it only took me seconds to lay my hands on whatever I needed when I started a project.  Right now my sewing room is a wreck!!!  But I've got Christmas things to make so right now the ambience is on hold and the mission is to get it functional!!

I might be able to make the Christmas magic happen in here but man oh man I'm hoping Santa brings me some shelves or storage bins.  If not, I may be forced to go to Lowe's and annoy more employees :) 

 Okay here are some BEFORE pictures.  Hoping the finished look will be a little "shabby chic".  Right now there's too much shabby and not enough chic.  The sloping ceilings will be a challenge.  Not cracking my head into the sloping ceiling is another challenge :) One window and one sky light. 
So here are my patterns.   Quilting and clothing patterns in the filing cabinet.  Knitting books on the tall yellow cabinet and quilting books in the short cabinet under the window. 
In these bins are two Baltimore Album Quilts I hope to finish in this lifetime and never make another one.  There are the makings for a silk crazy quilt, a wool penny rug, two wedding quilts for relatives, a dinosaur quilt, a couple of embroidered quilts, buttons, trims, counted cross stitch fabrics and threads. 

 Here is my poor longarm machine in pieces.  I refer to her as Big Bessie.  Hoping to get her put together and fired up this weekend.  My quilt battings are in the box to the left of the cabinets.  I put those cabinets together myself twenty years ago and they've survived 4 moves :)

That's all my yarn.  Jeesh you'd think I'd have more. :) And there's my threads and fibers for my spinning wheel.  Yep I need another textile hobby like a hole in the head. 


And of course here's my shadow. 
Now here's pictures of what I'd like it to look like...if I could pry myself off of Pinterest, it might happen sooner :) 

Okay back to work on the mess.  Christmas Magic doesn't happen by itself you know :) 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Hey Peeps

I know I've been quiet lately...shocking........and I haven't finished much in the way of knitting or quilting lately either :(


Months of house hunting, moving and unpacking....been keeping me busy and now I'm decorating the house and getting ready for Christmas and a New Year's Eve Party.    New house, new state and new decorating possibilities :)

I might need a few
more decorations...think I see
a bare branch :)
Not bad for a 22 yr. old tree :)

Deer stand in the back of the property.
Might needs some twinkle lights :)

Two Mantles to decorate...sweet :)
Irish Santa

Primitive Bear rescued from the thift store
guarding my home spun yarns and spinning wheel :)