Monday, May 28, 2012

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Antique Pantry is FINISHED!!!!

 Yeah it's done!!!  My weekend project which took me 9 days to do.

 Laura Ashley shelf paper I found at Marshalls.
 The skeleton key still works :)  New knobs, new glass, new shelves, two coats of primer, one coat of paint and a lot of sanding. 
 Hardest part was getting the doors back on.  One of the antique hinges broke and I had to replace it.  A monkey with a screw driver probably could have done it faster :)  

I couldn't have done it without the wood cutting guy, the glass cutting guy, the hardware aisle guy and the paint guy at Lowe's :) Pretty sure the next time they see me coming, they will be running in the other direction LOL :) 

Color is Valspar's Homestead Resort Antique Lace....also known as pale yellow. 

Starting to put it all back together

Starting to put it back together.  Laura Ashley shelf paper and some new knobs for the drawer and door.  Added glass to the back of the doors. Just FYI....Homestead Resort Antique Lace covers over blood very well.....don't ask.  The hinges on the doors gave me some trouble.  I felt like a chimp out there trying to figure it out but I finally got it right.  I should have taken before pictures before I started removing the hardware.  One of the hinges snapped and because they were so old, I couldn't find the exact size so I had to make the area around the hinges on the door bigger. On HGTV all of this would have happened during a commercial break.  My "weekend" project is going on 9 days.

Pantry Renovation after a coat of paint

One coat of Valspar Homestead Resort Antique Lace

After a coat of the heavy duty primer....wish I just hit it with this the first time. 

Pantry Renovation First Coat of Primer

Multi-purpose primer wasn't good enough.  The wood stain kept seeping up. 

Pantry Renovation DURING

Sanding off the photographic finish

Pantry Renovation BEFORE

Antique pantry bought in a California antique store a long time ago.   I can't remember what was in the center of the doors originally but I added French curtains on double rods.   This piece at one time or another has been used to store canned goods and food, fabric and quilts, books and clothes. 

 The shelves broke when I moved it into the garage. 
 Initially it had what they called a "photographic finish."  They did something to make the cheap wood have a wood grain look.  It was chipping off and I spent too much time vacuuming up the "photographic finish".

Flip Flop Flower Pots

Got this idea off of Pinterest.  I knew there was a reason I spend way too much time on that website.  This would be a great idea for an herb garden too.  Hmmmm may have to do another one.
Anyway late start this year planting the flowers. The wheelbarrow looked better last year but we will see what happens.