Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Stocking from Friend's Old Quilt

Approx. 10 yrs. ago a cop buddy of mine gave me his grandma's quilt.  It was a mess, dirty, ripped and stained.  I soaked it in "Vintage Soak" and got most of the dirt and stains off of it. Two years ago, I made a stocking for his daughter. I posted a picture of it on the blog I'm sure.   Last year most of my quilting stuff was packed up so I didn't make the second stocking for his son until this year.  The back of the quilt was made from a feed sack.  His grandma lived in Maine. The feed sack is from a place called St. Albans Grain Company.  I made sure the part of the quilt I used was the part with the writing on the back. Anyway I think she'd be pleased that her great-grand-kids have a piece of something she originally made. 
Inside the stocking

Anyway here it is....I hope he and his wife don't have anymore kids because there's nothing left of the quilt :)

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