Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Calla Lily Scarf

Great pattern for gifties
The pattern was written for DK weight but I think there is a lot of wiggle room with this pattern for various yarns.  I was finishing one every two-ish nights while listening to the TV. 

This brown one is a silk alpaca blend for my friend Shannon.  Her favorite color is brown.
Calla Lily is available as a download on  Very beginner friendly too.  Definitely a keeper pattern for me :)
 This one goes to my friend Cheryl.  This is a cotton wool blend.  The label said it was DK weight but it seemed thicker to me. 

And this one goes to my friend Miriam who LOVES purple. This is a Debbie Bliss silk cashmere merino blend.  My mannequin is not leaking.  I just need to stop blocking my scarves on her :)   


kathy b said...

WOw Your scarf is gorgeous. YOu are making it sound very doable for me ! i like mindless knit ups.
Merry Christmas

Celtic Heart said...

Me too Kathy. It doesn't happen too often but I have this pattern memorized by now :) Working on an Aran weight one in blue right now.

Anonymous said...

I am the very proud owner of the purple scarf! It is beautiful and so soft. I love wearing it. Yes, I know it was for Christmas but I opened it as soon as I got it on Wednesday! Just couldn't help myself.
Thanks Moe!!!!