Thursday, December 27, 2012

Another Potato Chip Scarf

Another potato chip scarf for a Christmas present for my friend Jean. She's moving to upstate NY and will need it.  
Yarn: Araucania 100% wool, worsted weight, made in Chili


crickett fenner said...

what did you do to vary the pattern? I like the fullness. livin up north makes it look warmer.

Celtic Heart said...

Crickett the first time I made one similar to this, I used the pattern from this link: It was called a Helix scarf but other people were calling it the potato chip scarf...maybe because you can't just make one :) The pattern called for a much thinner yarn, maybe finger weight. It was very I changed it to worsted weight yarn to make it more substantial. I may have changed the number of stitches I cast on too. If I had the scarf, I'd tell you exactly how many I cast on...but most of these were made as gifts that I gave away.

Celtic Heart said... Here is another one I made for the same Christmas for another friend. I just checked my Ravelry account and I didn't attach a note to myself reminding me of how many stitches I cast on. But for sure that's the pattern on Knitting Daily because I remember the girl in the picture.

Celtic Heart said... Here is the first one I made. You can see how narrow it is...okay for spring or early fall but nothing I'd wear in Massachusetts in February :)