Monday, September 10, 2012

Perfect House Back On :)

Yeah!  It's taking a lot more buyer seller contact to work this deal out but things are going really well...No pun intended since most of the issues involve the well. I'm learning so much about how wells work, water quality, EPA standards and filtration systems......I'm starting to feel like Erin Brockovich.  Thank God the problems are with the well and not the septic tank :) 

Anyway if things go well with the well, we could be in the house by the end of September.  Yeah....because I'm starting to feel like Cool Hand Luke in the "box" staying in the RV.

But it's been a great experience living surrounded by military retirees...most of them 20 to 30 yrs. older than us, living in their RVs full time and bouncing back and forth between Massachusetts and Key West.  (Their RVs are a lot bigger and snazzier than ours or else there would probably be a lot more murders in miltiary RV parks).  Met this darling couple Bob and Sue. Bob was an 80 yr. old retired Special Forces Army guy.  Sue is a pistol. I knew I liked her when I heard her tell him he had it easy in "Nam". All he had to do was take care of himself while she had to take care of the house and 4 boys :)  You tell him Sue!!!  :)  Bob and Sue live in a van RV (God bless I couldn't do it) so they spend most of their day out and about doing stuff mostly on their bicycles.  Think nothing of getting in the van and driving cross country.  They made a trip to Alaska (on my bucket list).  They aren't just sitting at home waiting for death.  When I grow up, I want to be Bob and Sue. 

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