Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'm still here :)

Hi followers :)  Both public and anonymous.

I'm still among the living.  Haven't been posting any finished projects lately because I haven't finished anything lately. I've been knitting up a storm though.  Have you ever seen that says "I knit so I don't kill people". So true.  Anyway I have four projects going (at least) and I keep bouncing back and forth between them and nothing is getting finished.  I've also been doing a lot of house hunting...on line and for real. We've been looking at houses on line for over a year...even before my husband actually retired from the Marine Corps.  Poke me with a fork people, I'm done!!!!   My life is half in and half out of boxes and I'm totally off my game lately.  It's very unsettling....again I knit so I don't kill people :)

But thankfully the house hunt is over.  We've found the perfect house!!!!  We could be in it by the end of September !!! Yeah !!!!  It's everything we wanted and everything we forgot we wanted.  The finished attic will be my sewing/quilting and knitting room.  It will fit the long arm quilting machine too.  I no longer will be encroaching into the designated man areas of the house with my bins of fabrics and yarns.  There are several quilt shops and yarn shops nearby.  I've already met some nice ladies that work there and eventually I'll move on to find the less important things like grocery stores and doctors. I have my priorities :)  Getting lots of decorating ideas on Pinterest on how to organize and furnish the sewing/quilting/knitting kingdom:)

The rest of the house is cool too...a farmer's porch which will be so much fun to decorate for the holidays.  Can you believe I haven't REALLY celebrated a holiday with GUSTO since last Thanksgiving (and that I did half assed) because of preparing to put our house on the market and move.  Not being able to be festive is killing me and making me bitchy especially when I see all these wonderful festive ideas on Pinterest. 

There's a walk in pantry. It will be so nice to be able to get to the crock pot without being on my hands and knees removing the Dutch oven, the Margarita maker (I mean blender), the bread machine and the Kitchen Aide just to get to the crock pot.  There goes my exercise routine :)  There are fire places and a wood burning stove.....all great places to hang hand knitted and quilted Christmas stockings.  I spoke with Mary the town's animal control officer and our house is in a rural enough location so.....I CAN HAVE A COUPLE OF CHICKENS.  I've been wanting chickens for a while.  Not chicken parmigian chickens or chicken soup chickens....I want omelet chickens and souffle chickens.  They will probably all have names and when the first one dies, I'll be conducting services in the backyard. I may have to call Mary back and see if I can have a sheep because you can't spin chicken feathers. 

So this is what I'm working on knitting wise :)

1) A green and white mobius for my friend Ann.  It's in NY Jets colors.  She's a huge fan.  The pattern is actually called the "Annie."
2) A bandana cowl for my friend Wanda. Wanda makes beautiful jewelry and we are trading our talents :) 
3)  Another Highland Fling Shawl for my niece Rachel for graduating from high school. 
4)  A "Beech Shawl" in shades of brown for another friend's birthday.  Her favorite color is brown and this hand dyed yarn is three shades of brown. Her first birthday project turned out horribly....OMG what was I thinking..I may dig it up and post a picture just so you can have a giggle.   

Quilting wise I'm done with the dress quilt top for my little friend Tovia.  Once I settle in that will go on the longarm machine and get quilted up.  I owe one niece and a new sister in law wedding quilts. I I have to get cracking on those but there is only so much you can do when you're spending so much time on the I95 or sitting in a 5th Wheel Camper....I'm starting to feel like Cool Hand Luke spending another night in the box :)  The last military move!!!! 

Good-bye Southern Maryland
We're out of here!!!


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