Sunday, July 1, 2012


Okay I forget who it was that asked me to post a picture of myself wearing one of my "creations".  Well it's 100 degrees here now and the humidity is so thick, it's almost  chewable so I know you'll forgive me for not strapping on a wool shawl today :)  But this is me.  I'm not one of those deceitful people (just kidding) who only posts a fraudulent five year old profile picture.  And in the interest of full discloser, this is not a booking mugshot taken at a police station even if I do have that "yes I did it and I'd do it again"look on my face.   :)  I promise when the weather gets cooler you'll see me in something I made...that gives me plenty of time to drop 20 lbs. :) Okay in the interest of full disclosure....25 lbs ;)  
Happy knitting and quilting everyone and try to stay cool :)

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