Friday, June 22, 2012

Antique Dresser and Mirror Make Over

This week's mission:  To annoy as many Lowe's employees as possible :)  hahaha To renovate this antique dresser and mirror.  I got it all sanded.  It is not made of oak so I have no problem slapping paint on it.   The original mirror is in three pieces with one big center piece and then two smaller wing mirrors on hinges.  The hinges are shot.  The wheels on the bottom still work.  I'm undecided about what color to paint it.  Maybe a pastel blue?  Light minty green?  Or maybe the same color as the antique pantry in case they end up in the same room?  Not sure yet.  The drawer pulls have to go....they are so ugly.     

Before Yuck!!

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Anonymous said...

I love those handles, don't throw them out!