Sunday, May 27, 2012

Flip Flop Flower Pots

Got this idea off of Pinterest.  I knew there was a reason I spend way too much time on that website.  This would be a great idea for an herb garden too.  Hmmmm may have to do another one.
Anyway late start this year planting the flowers. The wheelbarrow looked better last year but we will see what happens.


Charla Tyre said...

I love the added touch of the flowers in the wheelbarrow!! Very country/rustic. Ive wanted to do the "staggering clay pots" for some time now but havent. Seeing yours has inspired me!! Love the idea of putting them on the porch! What did you put in the bottom of the large on to keep it from tipping over?


Celtic Heart said...

I'll take a picture of the one I'm doing this weekend and post a picture for you...It's easier to understand by just looking at it rather than explain it...a really easy set up but you have to get the base pot right so the thing doesn't tilt and move around too much on you. This year my wheelbarrow has Swiss chard growing in it....I ran out of raised bed garden space :)