Sunday, May 27, 2012

Antique Pantry is FINISHED!!!!

 Yeah it's done!!!  My weekend project which took me 9 days to do.

 Laura Ashley shelf paper I found at Marshalls.
 The skeleton key still works :)  New knobs, new glass, new shelves, two coats of primer, one coat of paint and a lot of sanding. 
 Hardest part was getting the doors back on.  One of the antique hinges broke and I had to replace it.  A monkey with a screw driver probably could have done it faster :)  

I couldn't have done it without the wood cutting guy, the glass cutting guy, the hardware aisle guy and the paint guy at Lowe's :) Pretty sure the next time they see me coming, they will be running in the other direction LOL :) 

Color is Valspar's Homestead Resort Antique Lace....also known as pale yellow. 

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Beverly said...

Love the project, love your hilarious telling of the DIY even more!