Sunday, March 18, 2012

A very quiet St. Patrick's Day at our house :)

After spending a wonderful day at The Stitching Post ( ( in Catonsville with a dear friend, I spent the remainder of my St. Paddy's Day knitting with some completely yummy Irish yarn imported from County Mayo.  What can I say? We can't all be dancing a jig with a beer in our hand....we'd drop our stitches :) And since the hubster is 10 hours away looking for our next house, I didn't cook this year.
So I guess the big question for today is...Do we want to renovate a third house?  Do we want a house that is move in ready but not in quite the private location we were hoping for? Not that we run around the backyard naked or anything but it would be nice to let the dog out in the morning to do her business and not have any of the neighbors see me in my red plaid L.L. Bean flannel bathrobe and Uggs telling my dog to "go peep peeps".  I hear the view from the front porch looked down into a valley and would be lovely in the fall.  There was an unfinished attic that could be turned into my sewing room and an unfinished basement that could be turned into the Marine Corps Man Cave but the rest of the house was totally lovely.
Or do we go for the house in the ideal location that requires at least 6 months (he says) of intense improvements probably requiring us to be in Lowe's or Home Depot every weekend to make the house presentable and liveable?  I mean really how much damage could those two pitbulls and six cats have done?  And more importantly do "Alibi" and "Bullet" and "Those Darn Cats" convey?  :)

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Rilly said...

in my younger days I loved rearranging walls, cupboards, etc...even in some rentals, but I made my last move 14 yrs. ago, got the place the way I want it and it will be that way until I "go". Hope your move is easy and your new home to your liking.