Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hootin Annies Vivianne

Cover of Pattern
I was going to make this for a friend for Valentine's Day but I had a little mishap. I used hand dyed floss to embroider Vivianne's face.  Then when I sprayed the body with coffee to antique it, the threads bled.  Vivianne ended up looking like Tammy Faye Baker after a crying jag.  So I'll try again using DMC floss. 


Les Trois Jardins said...

Hi Annie,
Maybe the material should be sprayed and dried beforehand?
But I like her! I would just cover the part that you do not like with frills and lace. The face is so pretty. Now it is really antique and weathered.
Happy day!

PS I found your blog on Jacky's blog 'Bellis perennis'.

Celtic Heart said...

I just wasn't thinking. I'm fairly new to using the hand dyed floss you get at the counted cross stitch shops. Totally love the colors but forgot that some of them can't be washed. But at least you know I don't just post the good stuff I make; I post the projects that go horribly wrong too :) I have no pride :) I posted Vivianne on my Facebook page and we had a "hoot" making fun of her. But you are totally right Jacoba...I could have avoided this "mess" if I spritzed her with the coffee first, then put her in the oven and then stitched her face.