Friday, January 6, 2012

Don't Waste Time :) Progress on the Fisherman Knit Afghan

I'm still making progress on the Fisherman Knit Afghan. Making some changes to the original pattern. I'm making it 72 inches long instead of 60 inches. Due to the added length, I'm going to make it wider too so it stays proportionate looking. The faux cable panels are working up quick. There are only four rows to memorize.  Brainless.  I have two of them done so far. The seed stitch panels will be a total snore to do......ugh...boring!! Thankfully, there are only two strips of seed stitch.  I'm adding a horseshoe cable strip done over forty stitches and not ruling out adding some other more interesting/non-seed stitch panels. 

Close up of Faux Cable

Beginning of Horseshoe cable strip

I just hate wasting time :)  Two of the nurses asked for scarves :) I hope I didn't promise them any when I was a little loopy :)  Just in case you wondered....IVs do not slow down the knitting process :)
Such a boring stitch pattern!


Katinka said...

Hi! I'm from Mexico and I love knitting too :)
When I'm at the school, I take with me a ball of yarn and a hook in my backpack, because some teachers let me go out early if I do quickly my work and I don't want to waste my time doing nothing around the school :p

Those IV's looks painful :(
I hope you get well as soon as possible ^_^

Greetings :)

Celtic Heart said...

Hi Katinka :) I'm fine. Slowed me down for about a week but all is good :) When I was in elementary school, we weren't allowed outside some wintery days because of the cold. I'd bring knitting with me to school too :) Of course the only thing I knew how to make back then was a scarf.

Celtic Heart said...

Voy a seguir tu blog. Estudié a español durante tres años en la escuela secundaria y un año en la Universidad. No quiere salir de la práctica.