Saturday, January 21, 2012

4th panel to the Fisherman Afghan Started

 The horseshoe cable strip for the Easy Fisherman Knit Afghan is finished.  Now I'm on strip #4.  The seed stitch strip is boring me to death so it may or may not be making an appearance in the afghan.  Last night I decided to try my hand at the honeycomb pattern.  In an Aran sweater this pattern symbolizes hard work. I can see why. All the cable fronts and cable backs are a lot of work and very time consuming but I think the end result is worth the added effort.

So at this point, my afghan probably will not resemble the original "Super Easy Fisherman" afghan pattern at all.  I'm starting to think the other patterns in the book like the "Fisherman's Rapture" and "Aran Isles" may not have been out of my league after all.  Sigh! Even their names just sound better. I will keep plugging along with this one. I have over 216 inches of strips done not including the six inches of seed stitch snooze.  :) Then the big add the fringe or not.   

Found this picture on Pinterest.  For those of us who can't make a real Aran sweater :)

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