Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Only 363 Days Till Christmas !!!

Never too soon to be thinking about next year.  I'm warning all of you. Because of the upcoming move, I did not decorate this year.  It nearly killed me!!! I thought I'd have to check myself into Betty Ford for Christmas-aholics.  My room will be the one with the wreath on the door :)  I felt like a football player who made it to the Super Bowl only to get stuck warming the bench!!!  Christmas is the Super Bowl of all holidays and I wanted to play coach!!!  We'd be driving around town running our errands and when I'd see a really nicely decorated house or a Christmas tree in the front window, I'd let out a pathetic little sigh. My husband would laugh and say "next year sweetie, next year."  Don't "sweetie" me...Get me a tree :)   We went to the local nursery where they had these awesome Christmas displays set up by themes...I wanted to bring a sleeping bag and stay there until New Year's Day.   

So next year we will be in a different house who knows exactly where.  Being a military wife, even a newly retired military wife, is like being part gypsy.  I'll be making another house feel like home but I look forward to the new decorating possibilities.  I plan on starting the Christmas Bowl 2012 on Halloween.  I'll be the lady wearing a Mrs. Santa costume handing out candy canes :) Sure let the future new neighbors think a lunatic moved into the neighborhood.  They are bound to learn soon enough :)  I ordered two sets of the Hoffman metallic fat quarters from Keepsake Quilting.  Could not decide between the gold pack or the colorful pack so I got both :)  I didn't order them early enough so it was my own fault I couldn't put them into this year's quilts.  They were sold out and back ordered.  Other Christmas-aholics got them :)  But I have them now and visions of Christmas quilts and stockings are dancing in my head.   

Next on my list of things to do:  Petition XM radio for a year long Christmas Station :) 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Buggy Barn Crazy Quilt done in metallic Christmas prints

It's the same as the Halloween Crazy Quilt but it's longer and slightly wider. Yep longer...that means the bottom of the quilt is currently catching dust bunnies under the bed :)  Been saving up those pretty Christmas metallic fabrics for a couple of years now. This project used almost all of them up. What didn't get used in this quilt went into the other Christmas quilt I posted a couple of days ago.


Another insane long term project started!!

Using up leftover sock yarn for this one.  It's called the Beekeeper's Quilt and it's basically hexagon two sided pockets you stuff with a poly-fil and turn into a blanket. 
Here is the picture on the cover of the pattern.  Way cool.  Saw it and thought I had to make one of these.

And this is what I've done so far. The first hexagon.  If I get bored with doing these or I don't think I'll live long enough to make it bed size, I'll make it for the cat or dog :) I'm not really planning on buying yarn specifically for this project.  Just want to use up left over yarn from socks I make....yeah this could take a while.