Friday, May 6, 2011

Helix Scarf Completed

Searching for the perfect house :)

Oh the Gammill would have been perfect here :(
 The hubster's lengthy military career is coming to an end soon....if I could still cartwheel I would. So we spend our nights trying to figure out where we want to live next.  We thought we found the perfect house. A woodworking shop for him, 3 acres for him to mow, weed whack and leaf blow. He'd be in his glory. :) Above the garage was a finished room that would have been perfect for my longarm quilting machine. The house had an "office"...yeah right "office"...It's a sewing room.  Look at that cutting table....I mean island. And then in the attic they had a walk in  cedar lined yarn safe.  They called it a cedar lined closet but slap a pad lock on that and my yarn would be safe from moths and yarn poachers :)   But unfortunately the realtor neglected to mention the RV Storage business/construction site right behind the house. :( Location location location :( The search continues.  

Sewing Room

Yarn Safe

Take the VCR, Leave the Yarn

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sunshine Dress by Starshine Quilting

What a Cutie Pie
 Dress designed by Cheryl Winslow
Modeled by Emily, America's Next Top Model :)

Only 235 Days to Christmas :)

Designed by Lois Winston for Cross Stitch and Needlework Magazine-Sampler Threads Cranberry and Irish Linen over two threads.  I could be blind by Memorial Day :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wedding Dress Quilt

Lilian and Joe November 1950

 How it started......Lilian and Joe 1950 New York City

Satin dress with a lot of yardage.

The dress survived 61 years and a garage flood.   It was stained, moldy and this point I'm wondering what have I gotten myself into and why isn't there a glass of wine in my hand :)

Washed it in the washing machine, warm water, Oxyclean and detergent......twice. Air dry.  The dress almost took a dip in the lake :) 
The bodice of the dress

Front of dress

A lot of yardage

Back of Dress

Bodice and a million buttons

Now what do I do with it?????????????

I was going to do a lot of hand stitching and personalization but then I quickly realized that  hand embroidery through fusible web backed satin is a bugger.  Plan II was to use Shar Jorgenson's Quilting in the Heartland Crazy Quilt Templates.  They are no longer sold on the Quilting from the Heartland website but Omnigrid is selling them now.

The job just got a little harder :)

On the longarm machine...finally :)   I've never quilted through fusible web backed satin before.  Not a problem.  Used Angel Wings quilting pattern. It seemed appropriate.   The backing is Fairy Frost by Michael Miller Fabrics.

The finished quilt :)

Maria will get another surprise when she comes to visit in June.  Hint: I will be using some of those buttons!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

30s Reproduction Quilt
Decided to make something healthy today. No cheddar cheese. No cream of any kind of soup. No heavy cream.  This might make a good stuffing for a turkey or chicken too...maybe. 

Southern Maryland Celtic Festival