Monday, December 5, 2011

Another giftie done :)

I have a dear friend who is always asking me when she is going to get a quilt from me :)  I will no doubt get to her but until I do, this oak jewelry box with the "quilt" insert will have to do as a Christmas present.

I try to get to the friends who "need" a quilt as opposed to those that just "want" a quilt. Need comes first.  There is a hierarchy to my quilt giving.  Friends whose children are Wounded Warriors go to the head of the line. Seriously sick friends come next.  Then occasionally I can crank one out for a hurricane (Irene), tornado (Missouri),  tsunami victim (Japan) or church fund raiser.  Then there are the friends who are going through a tough time for one reason or another. They need an unexpected package to show up at their door step to cheer them up.

Next comes birthday quilts and wedding quilts for family as they pop up.  My policy on wedding only get one.  You do not get a second or third if the marriages don't work out so on your way out the door GRAB THE QUILT!!!!      :)

The crew at my local post office know I'm usually mailing something quilty :)  The mail lady prefers I seal up the box after she sees the quilt. Mailman Don knows he doesn't have to ask me if the contents are perishable, liquid, explosive or perishable. He just asks if it's a quilt.

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